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A New York transplant from California by way of Chicago, Anastasia brings an urban editorial edge to all of her photographs. With a background in commercial photography and photojournalism, her wedding photos are intimate and contemporary.

I was raised in a surfing grotto on the Southern California coastline (yes, I can surf). My formative years were spent on the back of motorcycles, chasing sunsets through the desert, and being snuck into Salsa clubs. My desire to tell stories led me to Chicago where I received a degree in photography while minoring in journalism and art history. After having the opportunity to work as a journalist, photo-editor, and freelancer I decided to try New York out, because my aunt said “every young person should live in New York, at least for a little while.” I’ve been in New York for two years and absolutely love it!

With my family now in India, friends in Chicago, and favorite burrito in California, I’m always making efforts to travel frequently. When I’m not photographing weddings, you can find me riding my motorcycle, Missy, around Brooklyn or taking care of Tyrone and Pom-Pom, my chickens, in our rooftop garden.

Drinks on me If you can show this Cali kid where a good burrito spot is in this city!

fun facts

5 things you wouldn't know about me

1. When I was twelve I took 4th place in a state championship for Pokemon (yes, the card game, yes I’m totally serious).

2. During my teenager years I played guitar in a punk band.

3. I’ve been interviewed for All Things Considered on NPR for a personal documentary project I worked on.

4. The reason I decided to own chickens was to fulfill the need to photograph them for a photo illustration series about Astronaut chickens in space. Still working on it.

5. During high school into college I competed in belly dancing competitions (with a sword on my head).

my top places to be a voyeur in NYC

Tom’s Diner on Washington Ave – It’s got the old family diner white mugs, partially watered down brewed coffee, and enough people watching to fill an entire afternoon. It was also the inspo for 90’s hit single ‘Tom’s Diner’ by Suzanne Vega. 

Hop Shing in Chinatown – Dim Sum place that’s the real deal. Local spot with no-nonsense. You’ll get paired at a large round table with strangers — typically old Chinatown locals chatting or reading the paper. Delicious food. Cute old ladies pushing around the Dim Sum cart. The host yelling over your head at people directing them to sit down. Big. Thumbs. Up. 

Sunny’s Bar in Red Hook – My absolutely favorite place in New York. It’s the kind of bar you can sit in and meet everyone you could ever meet. It’s right at the end of Red Hook (fun fact, the park beside it is the closest land mass to view the statue of liberty). The bar has no reception so you can’t be bothered and your forced to interact with people. With a stage in the back and live music every night, it’s the kind of place you can enjoy solo, meet new friends, or go with your oldest buddies. 

Ocean View Cafe in Brighton Beach – This spot is the best. It’s decorating is washed out, bright whites and blues, in no way garish. Small televisions beside your table have a constant slideshow of what’s on the menu. Everyone is bustling by speaking Russian, while an old time dessert fridge spins cakes behind you. The food is absolutely delicious and when you’re done, if you have the energy, you can find music blasting out of the supper clubs on the boardwalk. 

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