Mary Clare Kelley

Studio Manager + Chief Happiness Slayer

The gal behind the inbox and keeping our business running smoothly, Clare is one of our past clients turned team member. While planning her own wedding, she found a space to blend her love of beautiful design + art with Type A organization (quintessential virgo).  You’ll be hearing from her often…expect all the best GIF’s in your emails.

I was born in the Colorado mountains, raised in the Illinois cornfields, and inhabited cities since 2008. After studying photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I worked for an AD Top 100 designer and was there for 7 years with evolving roles. One day in 2015, I made a quick decision to go to Moab for a FriendsGiving camping trip (cue 10-degree weather after the sun goes down). I climbed rocks, made fires, painted one landscape, drank whiskey to stay warm, and reconnected with my childhood crush. Eleven months later I moved to NYC, got engaged in Egypt, got a puppy (90lb+ cane corso mix, 13/10 would pet), went to Germany and got tattoos, and then married said childhood crush #michaelandmarygetmarried (+ Wilde Scout photographed our wedding)!
When I’m not talking Wilde Scout with the world, I’m likely trying to convince Daisy + Michael to go on long walks, grocery shopping + making healthy dinners (but usually pizza), going to barre classes, cleaning drool off my clothes #ionlywearblack, visiting NYC speakeasies, enjoying poetry (@Poetshouse is great), and pressing flowers into books that I swear I’ll collage one day. 

fun facts

5 things you may not know about me
1. I played guitar in an all-girls band (and we got 2nd place at the Sweet Corn Festival)
2. I’m a cryer
3. I love to embroider, though I probably talk about loving it more than I have time to do it
4. I love being outdoors, but I absolutely hate bugs
5. I love, LOVE the moon


My biggest guilty pleasures...
1. The entire Bachelor + Bachelorette franchise
2. Blink 182 
3. Every rom-com ever made (good or bad, made-for-TV, especially Christmas-themed)
4. Eating in bed
5. Jellicle cats (aka Cat’s the musical)


Best food in NYC recommendations
1. Kavala Estiatorio LIC
2. Tiny’s & The Bar Upstairs
3. Roberta’s (If you haven’t, you should.)
4. FourFiveSix
5. Saravanaa Bhavan (If you know better South Indian food in NYC, hit a girl up!)
Bonus: Dutch Kills in LIC has an incredible pork sandwich


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