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Eryc approaches wedding photography with his love of all things people and symmetry and a nod to his background in the Manhattan fashion world and mid-century design in Palm Springs. He effortlessly flits back and forth between editorial images and off-the-wall, unexpected snaps to capture the personality of every couple.

In the midst of my corporate fashion career, I stumbled across photography while on a work trip in Los Angeles. I drove by a Best Buy and thought, “I want to buy a camera”… so I did. That impulsive purchase over five years ago opened my eyes to the power of photography and storytelling. A friend asked me to photograph her wedding in Mexico. At the end of the party she drunkenly grabbed me by the shoulders and said, “This is what you are going to do. I know it.” And she was right 😉 I’ve been a New Yorker (via Ohio) for almost 10 years and married my husband, also named Eric, (no, I’m not kidding) in September. Katherine was our photographer! In my downtime, I’m usually decorating our apartment in Clinton Hill (think vintage, modern, eclectic), tending to my beautiful plant babies, watching documentaries about the planet and ALWAYS trying to catch the sunset over the balcony. If you like nature from the comfort of a midcentury couch, let’s grab a drink!

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What I love about photographing weddings

Whether it’s a City Hall elopement or a big wedding bash the underlaying feeling is all the same: LOVE. Watching how that feeling of manifests itself through the day is so touching. It’s tears, laughter and so many things in between, but in the end it’s bc of love. To capture those moments and to create so much art in a single day is what I love about weddings.

My favorite food in NYC
1. AOC – My husband is French and this is his go-to)
2. Gentleman Farmer – If they ever remove the curried snails from the menu I’ll die
3. Jeepney – I’m Filipino and it’s a fun alternative than trekking all the way to Queens
4. Mandoo Bar – A slight step up from a Hole-in-the-wall, but totally my fave.. also, one time sat next to Mark Ruffalo 😉 
My favorite places to grab a slice of pizza
1. Speedy Romeo
2. Fornino (Calabrese Pizza for the WIN)
3. Paulie Gee’s

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