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With a background in concert photography and film, Kelsey approaches documenting weddings with a refined and timeless eye. Inspired by fashion photography and the raw emotion that exists within the moment, her photographs are reminiscent of your old family photos from the 1970’s with a high fashion editorial look.

I was born and raised in the New Jersey suburbs, which means I grew up attending basement shows to find new music, the luxury of always being able to park in front of the house, and eating at basically every diner around.  I still live in NJ just outside the city, but upgraded to drinking way too much pour over coffee, practicing yoga, eating at every vegan cafe I can find, nd attending A LOT of live music shows at venues of all sizes… literally from MSG to Saint Vitus in the span of 48 hours. I never leave my house without my Leica M6, as I typically am documenting my everyday. I love photography to document life in the most raw and emotional way – from documenting friends and strangers, people dancing at wedding, musicians on tour, or making written concepts come to life. My favorite hobby became my career, and that’s the dream.

When I’m not shooting weddings, I can be found watching films, admiring everything Alex Prager creates, snuggling my cat & dog, reading a Stephen King book, and singing along to Saves The Day in my car. If you want to talk about Phoebe Bridgers’ lyrics or discuss 80s horror films, you know who to call.

fun facts

my favorite places to grab a coffee in NYC

1. Third Rail Coffee

2. Stumptown

3. Blue Bottle

4. Happy Bones

5. Intelligentsia

5 things you may not know about me

1. My favorite time to go to the beach is in the fall and winter seasons

2. My favorite genre of music is basically any sub-genre of punk

3. I develop my personal 35mm black & white processing film at home in my kitchen

4. Mid-century modern furniture has a soft spot in my heart

5. I often tear up thinking about how much I adore the cute little faces of basically any/every animal

1. Concerts

2. Public transit

3. Nature, water, and the outdoors

4. Dated signage

5. Chairs

6. Any kind of travel

Kelsey’s Portfolio

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