Alexa + Scott | Green Building Wedding | Brooklyn Wedding Photographer
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When I first met Alexa and Scott, they welcomed me into their little apartment on the Upper East Side with cocktails, charcuterie, and records playing. They had just moved to New York City from Boston to be in a city that matched their pace. When looking at places to get married…New York, their new home, just made sense. On that first evening together, Alexa talked about her volunteer work deep out in Queens working with immigrants and Scott talked about his experiences growing up on a farm in Texas and his interest in food sustainability. We were only scratching the surface of who they are.

When their wedding day came around, a Saturday in July, I was incredibly moved by all the people in their lives who came from around the world to see them wed. One of my favorite parts of the day is seeing these two people that I’ve grown so close to over the course of this process be surrounded by all those who love them. Married by their best friend, surrounded by their closest family, and dancing into the night. What a day.

This wedding was photographed by Katherine.