our approach

Our approach to wedding photography is a little different. It’s the subtle, but meaningful, expressions of love and joy that our work is known for:

fat happy tears, stolen glances across a room, ridiculous dance moves under the disco ball, post-ceremony hand squeezes, and unprompted laughter.

Capturing Personality • We just don’t document how the day looked, but how the day felt.

And A Damn Good Party • We bring the dance moves to match.

Genuine Feeling • Our photos do more than tell your story. Each image takes you beyond the frame, allowing you to relive each moment entirely.

we value in-between moments

What you’ll find in our work is our portraits never emphasize the contrived or feel artificial, but instead reflect personality and genuine feeling.

We always photograph with the greatest respect for our subjects: You and your loved ones

To help make you comfortable in front of our lens, we ask questions and give little emotional nudges. This nuanced approach allows you both to come out of your shells and be comfortable while still being you. No forced laughs or awkward smiles here. You can see in our work that people often forget they are being photographed. Our stories are complemented by our photojournalistic images, the in-between moments and breaths between the big *events*. We never put our camera down. Even when we feel we *got it,* we don’t stop shooting because we are never exactly sure how the story may unfold.

the Story

The edge in our work is the accumulation of images. They bounce off one another and become elements in the larger story. We always aim for our work to stand the test of time. Our intention is for you to look back on the photos and not only remember how things looked, but how things felt so you can feel the joy and love from the day years down the line.


Our talents include the ability to teach tipsy groomsmen how to tie their bow ties in under 10 minutes, spot a hairtie on a wrist from a mile away, expert dress bustler, on-demand hairstylist, and wedding cake eating extraordinaires. 

We are artists, but you will never feel like you have a stuffy photographer following you around all day (we are way too bad at dancing for that). We come in as a counterpart to your wedding crew. We are your friends with the professional gear, who will crack Broad City jokes with you but also be able to chat with grandma. Both of us, Eryc and Katherine, have the innate ability to be everywhere at once, photographing your day, but also your calming force when and if you need it. We make you feel like you have a friend in your corner who has got you on the photography end — that’s why we annually invest in education, insurance, backup gear, and more!

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