April 24, 2020

Le Chateau • South Salem, NY

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Nicole described the feel of their wedding to feel like a “midsummer’s night dream” for their 150 guests, which the lush garden feel and views of the venue provided. After getting ready with friends in a hotel nearby, we did their photos as a couple and with their close friends around the grounds of the Botanical Garden. After a ketubah signing with family, Nicole was walked down the aisle by both parents to the sweetest, teary ceremony. As we allotted enough time to do all the necessary photos beforehand, they were able to enjoy all of cocktail hour. A MoTown cover band kicked off the party where guests danced, ate a delicious plated meal in the glass dome ballroom, and danced the night away.

140 guests, 9 hours of coverage, 2 photographers.


Lindsay and Zach chose to get married at this venue because of all the incredible locations on-site and the unique feel. The couple got ready in separate his and hers suites, hanging with friends before a First Look in the greenhouse. We did photos around the venue, before doing Family and Wedding Party photos as guests arrived. After a sweet ceremony outdoors, guests moved indoors for a huge cocktail hour while the couple snuck away for 10 minutes to do more photos — catching a whole different set of emotions and feels — before rejoining cocktail hour. Dinner in the ballroom followed, with events like a first dance, hora, and lots of toasts while the band played all night.

200 guests, 10 hours of coverage, 2 photographers.


A fashion exec and native New Yorker, Rachel fell in love with the traditional yet modern feel of New York Botanical Gardens. She and Nick got ready in a hotel in midtown the morning of the wedding before putting on their outfits + finishing touches at the venue. We were granted access to do all their photos inside the Conservatory (goaaals!) and did their First Look and couples photos around the grounds. Wedding party and family photos followed, giving the couple down time to chill with their friends before the ceremony in the garden. While they took 10 minutes to themselves after the ceremony, we set up lighting and did an editorial-style set of portraits in the dark before they joined guests at cocktail hour.

180 guests, Full day coverage, 2 photographers.



- 9 hours of wedding coverage
(Katherine as your photographer)
- Second photographer
- At least 600 high-res photos
- Edited in a mix of color and b+w
- Private online gallery
- Print release rights
- Travel to South Salem, NY


- Engagement session
- 10 hours of wedding coverage
(Katherine as your photographer)
- Second photographer
- At least 850 high-res photos
- Edited in a mix of color and b+w
- Private online gallery
- Print release rights
- Travel to South Salem, NY


- Engagement session
- Full day wedding coverage
(Katherine as your photographer)
- Second photographer
- At least 850 high-res photos
- Edited in a mix of color and b+w
- Private online gallery
- Print release rights
- 12x12" custom album with 30 spreads
- Travel to South Salem, NY



9-10 hours of coverage is the right amount of the time for the end of getting ready, first look, and all photos leading up to the ceremony through when the dance party starts at the reception. I recommend this if everything is happening on-site with no travel in-between.

Full Day coverage captures the full story of the day from start to finish -- no limit on hours. We'll arrive at the beginning of getting ready and stay until when the dance floor starts to get lit, and then we grab a drink and join in on the celebrations. You won't have to worry about squeezing photos into your timeline and will have flexibility, more candids of your guests, and more details.


Wipe from your mind the cheesy, posed engagement photos you've seen on Facebook of friends from high school. Our portrait sessions are about freezing this special moment of your life in time -- engaged, living in New York City with your fur babies, and going to that dive bar in Astoria a little too often. So hopefully, in the years to come people who love you will rediscover the photos and feel the exact same way you have when discovering photos of your parents from the 70's and 80's.

Not only will you have photos to immediately share and celebrate with family and friends (our editing turnaround time is 2 weeks!), but you will have beautiful photos of the two of you in the place you call home without the pressure of the wedding day. It's also a great chance to get to know me (your photographer!) and practice being in front of the camera if you tend to be a little camera shy.


An online gallery is a great thing to have, but nothing beats being able to pull out a beautifully crafted album and share it with friends, family, children, and eventually your children’s children. Photos are meant to be printed out. Handled. Touched. Passed around.

We design every album in-house and work with you to select your favorite photos to tell the story of the day as naturally as it unfolded. And you'll have something to put on the coffee table you got as a wedding gift!


In short, a second photographer allows us to be in two places at once. First Look not your thing? No problem. We'll be able to do your photos after the ceremony while the second photographer will be floating around cocktail hour grabbing all those good candids of your guests. Getting ready in separate locations and want both of your crews captured? We'll tag team so you have photos of both of you pre-ceremony. You can always add on at a later time once you have a better idea of logistics and timeline.


Coverage of your rehearsal dinner or welcome party isn't just about extra photos. Because these pre-wedding activities are usually your closest friends and family, it's often when we capture the best moments and candids because of the more intimate setting. We also recommend allotting 15-20 minutes during the celebrations for a mini photo shoot of the two of you. Not only is it a good warmup before the wedding, but capturing you two at all the different stages (and emotions!) of the weekend is extra special to have when it is all said and done.


Print release rights are included in every package. All photos are delivered via digital download from an online proofing gallery where you can view the photos, download prints, and share with family + friends. The print release entitles you to the photos to print, share, and treasure forever. No watermarks on any of the images.

"You totally understood our loathing of being in front of the camera and anything posed and absolutely killed it in every way possible."

Looking through these last night, I was like, "I don't even remember her being there for that!" which is a total testament to your ability to capture the best moments of a wedding without intruding or making people feel like they're being watched. Our friends keep complimenting us on how "cool" our weddings photos are. Thank you for being awesome. It feels like we started with a photographer and ended with a friend.

- Allie + Teddy

"To say the two of you killed it was an understatement."

What an absolute joy it was to work with you guys. I am laughing and crying at the beautiful preview you sent. I will recommend you guys until my mouth is dry. What a team. What a night. You two rule so much.

- Alida + Max

"The portraits of ourselves and our loved ones are manifestations of who we are as people."

Don't get me wrong, everything they document is colorful, beautiful, magical, but it's also precise. It tells a story. Their photos are like living, breathing things. On top of that, the Wilde Scout team is a joy to be around. They're energetic, fun, highly professional, and calming. When hiring vendors you want to choose someone who is on your team, who feels like a super prepared BFF. They are this"

- Kirsty + Ben

"We fired our photographer to hire Wilde Scout."

It was important that we hire multi cultural vendors, someone that photographed people of color, and importantly worked with same sex couples. If you’re looking for a photographer who’s cool, down to earth and more like your cousin, hire Katherine. You will NOT regret it. Not for nothing but we fired our photographer to hire Katherine. That is how much we wanted her on our team.

- Kaye + Josephine

"It's impossible to imagine having anyone else there to be with us through it all."

On our wedding day, Katherine has such a positive and calming energy. There isn't anyone else, well besides your future spouse, who you spend so much time with on your wedding day. Katherine was able to capture phenomenal moments of the day. She has this instinctive eye for capturing naturally occurring moments. Me being excited about food (!), us nailing our first dance, holding hands, and stealing small kisses here or there. They aren't your typical generic wedding photos. They capture the mood and feeling of the day.

- Saraleah + Danny


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We're so excited about working with you for your wedding day. We know this is an investment. Take your time, look things through, and know we're here if you have any questions.

To officially book Wilde Scout as your wedding photographer, we require two things. Our signed standard contract, which can be done easily online, and a 50% deposit for your balance. Payment can be made by credit card, check, or direct deposit. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the wedding.

It's that simple.