Boram + Alex | Willimasburg Engagement Photos | Brooklyn Engagement Photographer
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Our favorite thing about photographing weddings is getting to know each couple we work with. It’s so easy to caught up in wedding planning especially when it comes to booking vendors and going through the check lists. Taking a step back from it all, let’s think about how the two of you got here. You found your person amidst a sea of experiences and, yep, this is the one you want to wake up next to every morning. That’s pretty damn beautiful. That love is why we love engagement sessions, because they are a celebration of that love we photographers love to capture.

Boram and Alex in their apartment (which they re-arrange about every two months), with their fur baby, in Williamsburg. After some beers, we headed out to their neighborhood and their favorite cheese shop. Because what more will you remember about the time you lived in New York City before you were married, and how you had that great little cheese shop by your apartment?



This engagement session was photographed by Katherine.


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